We were invited as scholars who deal with etnographies of post-displacement regions to help with the academic side of a local project in Goleniów.

Some time ago several hundred glass negatives have been found in the attic of a former photo atelier. The photographs show the post-WWII inhabitants of the town and region of Goleniów and commemorate important events of their families. A group of local enthusiasts and researchers is trying to find as much information about the people on the photographs and their stories as possible. Doing this they are contributing to the local post-war history through the prism of photography and family histories.

Michal Korhel and Karolina Ćwiek-Rogalska are already a part of this project helping with methodologies needed to acquire the aimed results. In the future, they will also organize a workshop and lecture in Goleniów. More information about our involvement in this project will follow soon. Until then you can get to know it via the project’s website (Goleniowskie Fotohistorie) and Facebook page: Goleniowskie Fotohistorie .