Between July 12 and September 4, Karolina Ćwiek-Rogalska did first round of the fieldwork in Pomerania. As she was applying the ethnography at home method, she investigated the region of Wałcz county (formerly German Deutsch Krone), speaking to people who live in the area and participating in the everyday activities in various localities. Thanks to all who agreed to join the research and devoted their time to tell the stories about the past and present of the region! Also, Karolina did an initial search query in the archive in Koszalin where she found a vast number of memoirs written by the settlers to Pomerania.

Photo by Michał Rogalski: Karolina in front of the monument of the “Burning birds” by Władysław Hasior in Koszalin. Initially, the object was dedicated to “those who fought for the freedom of these lands”, being an important element of the resettlement culture in Central Pomerania.