At the end of October, our team experimented with a new genre for our regular seminar. This time we gathered to discuss a movie: we talked about a Slovak TV movie Mŕtvi nespievajú (The Dead Don’t Sing, dir. Andrej Lettrich) that was released in 1965. It is an adaptation of an unfinished trilogy of novels by Rudolf Jašík. Both the novels and the movie follow several families in the small town of Deutsch Proben, or nowadays Nitrianské Pravno, an ethnically mixed town in Central Slovakia where our team member, Karina Hoření, is currently doing her fieldwork. In the movie which takes place during World War II, ethnic (i.e. German, Slovak, Jewish) and political (i.e. communist, collaborant, anarchist) identities merge to create a kaleidoscope of strategies for coping with the ethical challenges of the war. The movie is interesting in overcoming the dominant ideological narrative of the 1950s and showing complicated characters of all the ethnicities. The analysis of these motives within the movie during a lively discussion among team members persuaded us that we should include more movies in our seminar schedule.