The Anthropos Doctoral School recently celebrated the commencement of the academic year with an engaging kick-off event held at the Lelewel hall in the Old Town Market, Warsaw. The event was not only a collective welcome to the new academic year but also marked the induction of Magdalena Bubík, our team colleague, as a fresh addition to the doctoral student community. 

We believe that, accompanied by her supervisors, Nicole Dołowy-Rybińska and Karolina Ćwiek-Rogalska, Magdalena is set to embark on an academic journey at the Anthropos. During the inauguration, it was highlighted that she joins a dynamic cohort of 13 colleagues from diverse fields, including archaeology, literary studies, and history. This diversity promises a rich environment for intellectual exchange and broadening perspectives. 

We wish Magdalena and her fellow doctoral candidates success in their academic pursuits at the Anthropos Doctoral School.

Magdalena Bubík