We are pleased to share a new article by our principal investigator, Karolina Ćwiek-Rogalska, published in the journal of Environment & History. In this article, Karolina explores the complex and often invisible histories of two orchards left behind, Baberow (Bobrowo) and Rieselei (Porosty), located near Wałcz, a town in northwestern Poland that underwent drastic demographic and political changes after 1945.

Drawing on ethnographic and archival data, Karolina reveals how the orchards are not only sources of fruit but also sites of memory and belonging for different communities. Moreover, she argues that the orchards are multitemporal entanglements, where the past and the present, the human and the nonhuman are constantly interacting and influencing each other. She invites us to rethink our relationship with nature and history and acknowledge the orchards’ agency and resilience.

The article is available in open access on our website. We’d like to encourage you to check the whole issue of the journal as well.