Karina was born and raised in Liberec/Reichenberg in north Bohemia. Since she was a kid she liked to explore attics and cellars in the neighborhood full of remnants of its German past. Little she knew that this can be a real job too.

Way to her position in the Spectral Recycling project lead through degrees in history and sociology from Masaryk University where she studied not just the multicultural past of Central Europe but also ways how this past is remembered.

She worked in several research institutions (Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Charles University, STEM, Multicultural Center) on projects about Roma history, Czech- German relationships, and the history of migration. In Spectral Recycling she conducts research in the Czech Republic together with Karolina and in Slovakia together with Michal.

Like everyone from Liberec, she is a keen cross-country skier.