Within the series of lectures “Science at the Centre”, delivered by the NCN Award winners, and launched by the Copernicus Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies and the National Science Centre, Karolina Ćwiek-Rogalska shared her insights into looking in the post-displacement regions of Central Europe.

Following the research methodology we expore in our project, Karolina proposed to consider ghosts not as spiritual entities, but rather to see them as material remnants that shed light on forgotten histories and allow us to understand different experiences. Specifically, the mass migrations after World War II, when German and German-speaking communities were forced to migrate from present-day Poland, Czechia and Slovakia, and new settlers came. 

Karolina started her presentation by taking us in a time machine and transporting us to the spring of 1945 in Central Pomerania. If you are interested in what has followed, you can watch the recording on the YouTube Channel of the Copernicus Center (link here).