For some time, the Spectral Recycling team helps with a local project in Goleniów, where Michal Korhel does his fieldwork. The project, Goleniowskie Fotohistorie (here you can find their webpage as well) contributes to the local post-war history through the prism of photography and family histories. They have already managed to collect hundreds of glass negatives and identify some of the people on them. The next steps are the interviews about the life stories of those identified persons. Michal Korhel has already done one interview (you can watch it here).

Lately, Karolina Ćwiek-Rogalska joined and conducted a video interview as a part of this project as well. Karolina listened to the story of Mrs. Bronisława Filipczyk, who came from Germany to Goleniów with her mother as a six-year-old girl. The interlocutor recalls the first moments after coming to Goleniów, how the city, their apartment and the life of her and her peers looked like. Moreover, Mrs. Filipczyk tells us whether there were any Germans at that time (and for how long they stayed) and what the relations with them looked like.

Link to the interview on Youtube you can find here.